Yes is my favorite color.
Free is my favorite bird.
Wild is my favorite flower,
Love is my favorite word.

My passion in this lifetime is finding and serving in my authentic, real, and joyful power. I’m crazy about stories, poems, grooves, and aha moments that reveal more of who we truly are…. I love the sun… and I’m learning to love the rain. I’m not afraid of getting older, but I’m scared of getting lazy or satisfied… I’m wild about hiking for hours from daylight into darkness… I’m always hungry for kisses, chocolate and the smell of the wet desert. Read More


Music has been my golden thread since I was 10. It connects me to myself and to the world… a lifeline to the center, reaching out to the Universe. Read More


Remember playing kick-the-can from just after dinner, until way past dark? Remember when you could sit cross-legged on the floor and play for hours? Remember a time when you didn’t want to go to bed? Read More


I love to write.
Most often the words come out in rhymes.
The emotion of the poem, the core… usually downloads into my heart
when I am walking in the woods.
And it unfolds into a song without a melody.
Here you go… I hope you feel something…:)
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