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I'd love to share two of my greatest passions with you; Wellness, as a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Yoga Instructor and author of FUNdamental Fitness. And Music, as a professional freelance drummer working with Pat Patrick band, Teri Reid Trio and freelance. I am an Independent Associate with Univera, the best anti-aging supplements in the world.

Let’s stay connected in wellness and groove. May the Force be with you...

It’s coming…
March 12, 2013

  oh my god… the joy of it all. life unfolding from the depths of Fall. i could bear it this year, the gray, wet, and cold… and rejoice in knowing the sun is always gold. if i crumble with the weather, too hot or too cold… what would happen in chaos, how would i […]

Let’s Heal
January 27, 2013

when you grow, i might… when you heal, there is more Light. when you give, i remember how, and when you love, our choices expound. and… when i grow, you might… when i heal, there is more Light. when i give… you may too… and when i love, the world is new. let us heal, […]

January 14, 2013

I would read a million books, listen to a thousand songs, to learn just one truth, of why I was born. I would ride every road, and sail every sea, just to discover the essence inside of me. And that’s what I’ll do, to make sense of it all… that’s how I’ll survive… I’ll read […]

December 16, 2012

Now is the time Now is the place Now is the moment We must embrace Holding it steady While letting it flow Riding while steering How far does this go? Now goes all the way Until the very end And even then, the now just may begin again. Be in it. Be of it, Be […]

The Cycle
November 10, 2012

And Winter whispered unto Spring “Breathe in Breathe out, you are Awakening” Nurture, celebrate… open, and initiate Let your mind, body, and spirit Create! And Spring spoke unto Summer “Grow and thrive… Love one another” Your power and strength have just begun It’s time to wave the tapestry you’ve spun! And Summer sang unto the […]

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