My passion in this lifetime is finding and serving in my authentic, real, and joyful power. I’m crazy about stories, poems, grooves, and aha moments that reveal more of who we truly are…. I love the sun… and I’m learning to love the rain. I’m not afraid of getting older, but I’m scared of getting lazy or satisfied… I’m wild about hiking for hours from daylight into darkness…
I’m always hungry for kisses, chocolate and the smell of the wet desert.

Relationships are why we are here.

Music has been my golden thread since I was 10. It connects me to myself and to the world… a lifeline to the center, reaching out to the Universe. Drumming grounds me… it roots me in the present. It connects me to the inherent groove within the heartbeat of Life itself. If I let go, it holds me. If I hold too tightly, I crack a little. Being a part of the groove is my life
lesson… it humbles me and makes me the biggest, smallest thing there is.

    • ~ Thrilled to be writing and co-writing with friends
    • ~ Honored beyond belief to be leading my swing/soul band…
      The Jenerators
    • ~ So happy to freelance in Nashville, with some of the very best musicians in the world…. WallPaper JukeBox, Teri Reid, John England and the Western Swingers 
    • ~ I wrote a book called FUNdamental Fitness: Playground Exercises for EveryBody. I use this movement formula when I teach 4 classes and 25 private clients a week… I LOVE IT and IT WORKS! Our brilliant, fragile, and strong-beyond-measure bodies host our magnificent souls for this lifetime. We get to create 300 billion new cells every day with what we think, what we eat, and how we move. So I ask myself… “what am I creating?” What are YOU creating?
    • ~ I endorse the best anti-aging nutraceuticals in the world… Univera. I’ve been taking the products for over 15 years, and LOVE them
    • ~ I also own a small gym, The Jenerator…:)… with a ROM inside… you HAVE to experience the 4-minute workout… WOWOWOW!!!!
    • ~ Play. Play in the present. Listen to your voice inside your heart, it is
      speaking to you all of the time. Let spontaneity live. Spend time in silence
      listening to you and the Divinity shining through you. Look for love
      everywhere. Be only you. Sweat a lot. Laugh more than you sweat.
      Cry sometimes too… FEEL stuff. Be as alive as possible, and more…. or


I love you,