Music is my Golden Thread
Wholeness is my Passion
What I Learn I Must Teach
Curiosity Sparking Action

My passion in this lifetime is finding and serving in my authentic, real, and joyful power. I’m crazy about stories, poems, grooves, and aha moments that reveal more of who we truly are…. I love the sun… and I’m learning to love the rain. I’m not afraid of getting older, but I’m scared of getting lazy or satisfied… I’m wild about hiking for hours from daylight into darkness… I’m always hungry for kisses, chocolate and the smell of the wet desert.

Relationships are why we are here. The space between me and me, me and you, me and the Unknown… YES!

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, moved 10 times before I was 10 years old, and grew up in Newport News, VA. I went to undergrad at James Madison University, then graduate school at the University of AZ… working in between on a charter yacht in the US/BVI and on a cruise ship in Alaska. And then the big move to Nashville in 1992.

  • I love it here.
  • I personal train 25 clients/week
  • I teach 3 FUNdamental Fitness classes/week
  • I teach 1 Yoga Class/week
  • I play drums and lead my band, The Jenerators
  • And I’m going to school at The Estuary to expand my wondering spirit.

Play. Play in the present. Listen to the voice inside your heart, it is speaking to you all of the time.

Let spontaneity live. Spend time in silence listening to you and the Divinity shining through you.

Look for love everywhere.

Be only you.

Sweat a lot. Laugh more than you sweat.

Cry sometimes too… FEEL stuff. Be as alive as possible, and more…. or



Life is short, but it is WIDE!… (I wish I wrote that).


I love you,