I am a Damselfly…

I am a damselfly

Attracted to shiny things

Skimming the flickering lake of life

Looking for nourishment

Loving to fly.

I am a damselfly

Cold-blooded and Seeking Light

Flaunting my prism of colors

Half spirit, half dragon

Floating in between.

I am a damselfly

Stunning and hideous

Startling the world into wonder

Prehistoric modern mystery

Waiting for Summer.





When do we grow
All the way into ourselves
Like the caterpillar that can fly?


When do we settleĀ 
deeply into the now
Like the Buddhist monk on high?


When are we okay
With who we truly are
And what has to die before that happens?


Tragic flaws and Santa Claus
Will not lead me astray.
I surrender fully
to the story of today.


It’s coming…


IMG_5736oh my god…
the joy of it all.
life unfolding
from the depths of Fall.
i could bear it this year,
the gray, wet, and cold…
and rejoice in knowing the sun is always gold.
if i crumble with the weather, too hot or too cold… what would happen in chaos, how would i be in death, or growing old?
i am ready for the comfort of what warmth and flowers can bring… and humbled with the knowing that this too will be ending.


IMG_5611I would
read a million books,
listen to a thousand songs,
to learn just one truth, of why I was born.

I would ride every road, and sail every sea,
just to discover the essence inside of me.

And that’s what I’ll do, to make sense of it all…
that’s how I’ll survive…
I’ll read and write, ride and sail…
Let my mystery soul unveil!

Into the unknown certainty…
Into love’s wisdom, I roam.
Answers will be forthcoming…
The path to everywhere leads home.


The Cycle

IMG_6061And Winter whispered unto Spring
“Breathe in Breathe out, you are Awakening”
Nurture, celebrate… open, and initiate
Let your mind, body, and spirit Create!

And Spring spoke unto Summer
“Grow and thrive… Love one another”
Your power and strength have just begun
It’s time to wave the tapestry you’ve spun!

And Summer sang unto the Fall,
Sending billows of love, into it all…
The many colors you wear, the trophies in your hair,
connect now to the Earth, and celebrate your birth.

And Fall fainted unto Winter,
watching her glories of life as they wither.
Time to subdue, let your Spirit undo
For the cycle of Life must die to renew.


It’s groovy…

compasssometimes… i like to wrap all up
cozy, on the couch
cup of tea, favorite show
nestled in my house.
i’m tempted to stay
safe and sound
warm and bound
no duties
just behave
don’t rock the boat,
don’t make a wave
play it safe
the world will wait

but it doesn’t
it can’t
it won’t
it shan’t

we are born to live
a journey
past the comfort zone
rattling cages
stirring the soup
climbing the mountains
of our soul

we’re going beyond
to go within
looking to astound
the secrets hidden.
it’s groovy cuz, the couch will wait.


Be good anyway…

IMG_2073-2I used to imagine

if I was a good girl
that everything would be
all right.

Then I learned that

good, and everything
and all right
don’t mean anything at all.

I used to think
if the world was calm
and peaceful and nice
that Life would be easy… normal.

Then I learned that
calm and nice
easy and normal,
really don’t mean anything at all.

I used to believe
if people liked me and I pleased them,
that I would be safe
and someone would discover me… make me famous.

Then I learned that
that liking
and pleasing,
and fame
really don’t mean anything at all.