The Cycle

IMG_6061And Winter whispered unto Spring
“Breathe in Breathe out, you are Awakening”
Nurture, celebrate… open, and initiate
Let your mind, body, and spirit Create!

And Spring spoke unto Summer
“Grow and thrive… Love one another”
Your power and strength have just begun
It’s time to wave the tapestry you’ve spun!

And Summer sang unto the Fall,
Sending billows of love, into it all…
The many colors you wear, the trophies in your hair,
connect now to the Earth, and celebrate your birth.

And Fall fainted unto Winter,
watching her glories of life as they wither.
Time to subdue, let your Spirit undo
For the cycle of Life must die to renew.


It’s groovy…

compasssometimes… i like to wrap all up
cozy, on the couch
cup of tea, favorite show
nestled in my house.
i’m tempted to stay
safe and sound
warm and bound
no duties
just behave
don’t rock the boat,
don’t make a wave
play it safe
the world will wait

but it doesn’t
it can’t
it won’t
it shan’t

we are born to live
a journey
past the comfort zone
rattling cages
stirring the soup
climbing the mountains
of our soul

we’re going beyond
to go within
looking to astound
the secrets hidden.
it’s groovy cuz, the couch will wait.


Be good anyway…

IMG_2073-2I used to imagine

if I was a good girl
that everything would be
all right.

Then I learned that

good, and everything
and all right
don’t mean anything at all.

I used to think
if the world was calm
and peaceful and nice
that Life would be easy… normal.

Then I learned that
calm and nice
easy and normal,
really don’t mean anything at all.

I used to believe
if people liked me and I pleased them,
that I would be safe
and someone would discover me… make me famous.

Then I learned that
that liking
and pleasing,
and fame
really don’t mean anything at all.


Be Still…


to be the drop and the ocean
the grain and the shore
to hold the breeze and the hurricane
to love the eye and the storm

how do i know myself, and know the world
can i be true to it all
what is the juicy secret?
do the boundaries dissolve?

it is the space between the notes
that creates the groove itself…
the night between the stars
that allows the shimmering wealth.

it is the pause amidst the waves
that gives the surfer the thrill
of riding the relentless and certain swell
life is breathing… be still.

Hold On…


How do you hold on to yourself
and let go with another?
Finding your center
While releasing your tether…
Spinning and pleasing,
Twirling and teasing
Not knowing what’s real,
Not clear how you feel.
The game will go on
Until the curtain is drawn.
How do you hold on to another
and let go of yourself?
Finding the center
Putting fears on the shelf…
Listening and learning,
Hurting and yearning
Not wanting to blame
Not daring to name
The game that goes on
Until the curtain is drawn.
Hold on… or hold…
Let go… or let…
Trust that the wholeness and beauty,
of Love will connect.
Jen of the Sun


I can’t save you…

I can’t save you
My brilliantly shattered one
I can only love you
Through your war… through your fun.
I can’t save you
Even if I tried.
I can only hold you
As you heal from the inside.
I can’t save you
Though I try and try and try.
I can only imagine
A whole spirit ready to fly.
I can’t save you
From the hazards of Life
I can only expand
Into your newness, your Light.
I can’t save you.
My scar-tissue Baby…
I can only be you
Present… in a world of maybes.




I often wonder,
Why are we here?
What does it mean?
When will it be clear?
And then I breath,
Deep in, then let go…
We’re here is what matters…
Get present, reflect the glow.
And then the why creeps in,
ever present, the real sin…
Challenging the freedom,
Creating mayhem.
Deep in, then let go…
Melt into your moment.
The path is you.
Surrender your torment.
Let go of the why,
Just brush it away…
One more distraction
From knowing your way.

Be the peace…


Music is my golden thread,
Wellness is my passion…
What I learn, I must teach,
Curiosity sparking action.
How do you see what is inside of you?
How do you listen to your heart?
When are you sure of the path you’re on?
When does the real journey start?
The road has never not been here…
The path has always begun.
The journey inside is forever…
Find the joy, be the peace, spread the fun.

It would have been easier…

What protects
you from harm?
What shields you from pain?
What risks don’t you take, because it’s not worth the strain?
Who is going to save you, in this dangerous life?
How will you manage? How will you thrive?
I wish someone would have told me that
Life would be this hard…
That struggle is the action that sparks passion and desire.
I wish someone would have told me, that Reality is tough…
That pain is another color in the rainbow of real love…
It would have been easier,
It would have been lighter,
It would have been easier…
But now I know that imperfect is perfect,
That darkness is part of the plan…
And I am not going to be rescued
This life is who I am.
It makes it easier,
It makes it Lighter,
It makes it easier…