Music has been my golden thread since I was 10, connecting me to myself and the world… a lifeline to my center, reaching out to the Universe. I listened and danced to my mom’s record collection from Hair and Jesus Christ SuperStar to Herb Alpert and Gene Krupa. She LOVES music, played the piano and was/is a huge cheerleader for me. Dad played a little guitar, and he wanted to be good at it,  but it wasn’t his calling…:).

After getting a Music Education Degree and a Master’s in Conducting… I decided to move to Nashville, MUSIC CITY, to play, write, explore, grow up.

I’ve always journaled as a way of searching for my truth. And for the last ten years, it comes out in rhymes… So… I write poetry with a groove. There is an inherent melody in there somewhere, usually taking a co-writer to uncover it!

I co-write LOVE My Favorite Word with Victor Wooten and it’s on his record WORDS AND TONE released in 2017.

Working on my own record one song at a time…