And the Light was huge and blinding
It hurt to open my eyes
I trembled at the power
The Imminence… the size

In order to survive
I created walls and blinds
Covering the brightness
Thickening my disguise

The clouds I created were mine
The dark days, the fog, the haze
My own Knowing couldn’t recognize
My own reflection, my own Light

When the pain of living in the dark grew strong
I created wind to move the clouds along
As I pushed against the breezy Power
I felt the the Light, but was now stuck in my own tower

Relax, Breath, Remember
Sit quiet, Wonder, Ask for guidance…
You are the Light
The Light is You
You are the Clouds
The Rain, the Fog too.

As I welcome and embrace all parts of me
My Light shines brighter than bright
Trusting that I may explode
When I surrender to my Dark and my Light.







You inspire me.
Your stories, struggles
Victories, and loss
Desires, wonder
Trust and disgust
Your winding path
Digging deep
The ways you reach,
The ways you’re asleep.

I see me in you.
A prism of Light
A chasm of Dark.
Both Forces weaving
In and around my heart
And as I recognize
that your hurt is mine
I begin to heal
the Great Divide.


Sometimes full-on sunshine,

Sometimes, soaking rain.

Usually it’s somewhere in the middle

Some clouds with sun in between.

Some days are pure fun and laughter

Some days I can’t open my eyes

Usually it’s somewhere in the middle

Ups and Downs and compromise.

I don’t know what will happen

I can’t predict tomorrow

But I can trust and let go

Into the inevitable changing flow

Of the Power of Life

The Connection of Breath

The Clue of Emotions

My Own GPS.

It’s gonna be scary, and wild and fun

A little bit sad, a lot undone

I’m gonna live this life as real as I can

Diving deep and unfolding my Soul’s loving plan.


I See You

I see you
Peeking from your rubble
I hear you
Whispering my name
I wonder
How long you’ve been Waiting
To tell your story
To ease your pain?
I know you
Your voice is just like mine
I feel you
Aching but alive
How about
I let this gray wall crumble?
I am with you
Weapons by my side.
I am you
Your pain is loud and clear
I hold you
The dark, the light, the fear
What if
We surrender to the magic
I’ll bet we cry.
I’ll bet we fly.

How High a Fence?

Just when I think I’m safe

An unknown part of me crumbles.

Just when I think

“I’ve got this”

The big world

Laughs out loud.


There is no perfect haven

Only me, in my skin,

Right now.

There is no magic home plate…

Try dancing on a cloud?


How high a fence

Will I build

Surrounding my silly heart?

What illusions

Must I shatter

Before all of life is allowed?





Who Am I?

I am the wonderer

the hypocrite

the dreamer of dreams,

I am the salesman

the therapist

the shopper

the thief.

I am the listener

the lover

the teller of tales,

the witness

the hater

the student who fails.

I am the defendant

the lawyer

the judge and the jury.

I am the victim

the criminal

the sentence, the mercy.

I am you.

And I am not you.

I am me.


I am the House

How dark is my shadow

How deep is my sigh

Am I willing to sit in it

Without asking why?

Will I let myself feel

Whatever comes up

Or will I change the channel

To more comfortable stuff?

What’s in there. I’m scared.

My mind wants to know.

Don’t push. Relax.

Drop in. Let if flow.

I am the living room

I am the kitchen

I am the basement, the closets,

The new addition.

I am the house

From before my birth

Playing hide and seek

The prize is my worth.




Be the Love.

Whatever this moment brings,

See how awake you can be.

Whatever rollercoaster you are on,

See if you can let yourself enjoy it.

Whatever is bringing you the information of your life,

Know that there is more to know,

And it is all there somewhere, even if you never know.

Get super quiet with you.

Listen to the flow of your body.

Breath in deep gratitude for this crazy journey.

Breath out the sam, but ever-changed thanks.

Be the Love that you already are.