Be Still…


to be the drop and the ocean
the grain and the shore
to hold the breeze and the hurricane
to love the eye and the storm

how do i know myself, and know the world
can i be true to it all
what is the juicy secret?
do the boundaries dissolve?

it is the space between the notes
that creates the groove itself…
the night between the stars
that allows the shimmering wealth.

it is the pause amidst the waves
that gives the surfer the thrill
of riding the relentless and certain swell
life is breathing… be still.

Hold On…


How do you hold on to yourself
and let go with another?
Finding your center
While releasing your tether…
Spinning and pleasing,
Twirling and teasing
Not knowing what’s real,
Not clear how you feel.
The game will go on
Until the curtain is drawn.
How do you hold on to another
and let go of yourself?
Finding the center
Putting fears on the shelf…
Listening and learning,
Hurting and yearning
Not wanting to blame
Not daring to name
The game that goes on
Until the curtain is drawn.
Hold on… or hold…
Let go… or let…
Trust that the wholeness and beauty,
of Love will connect.
Jen of the Sun


31 Flavors…

My sister Katy, heard this true story from an acquaintance  at  The John’s Robbins’ conference in Tucson…. Wow.

John Robbins told the long story of his relationship with his father, who started Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors ice cream (one for each day of the month).  You may know that John, after attending Berkeley in the late ’60’s, told his father that he would not be taking over the company; in fact, he did not want any money from the company or any inheritance having to do with it.  They didn’t speak for years.  Then, in 1984, John wrote “Diet for a New America”, which his father did not read.  By then his father had diabetes, high cholesterol, was overweight, etc.  He had the best cardiologist that his billions could buy him (in Rancho Mirage, CA).  The Dr. told him that he would take medication and they would try to keep him comfortable for the few remaining years of his life.  “There is, however, an alternative,”  and brought out a copy of “Diet for a New America” and handed it to Mr. Robbins, not realizing that it was written by his son.  “Read this and change your diet, and then you’ll have a different outcome.”  Mr. Robbins did not reveal his surprise to his doctor, whom he respected.  He went home, read it, made the dietary changes (even though his wife, John’s mother, disagreed), and lived a much better life for 20 more years!  His mother, meanwhile, got sick over time and became deaf, blind, bedridden, and survived with Alzheimer’s for 3 x longer than most people.  John was sad about that (and did not volunteer that story – someone in the audience asked about his mother, since he’d only talked of his father.)