Nourish the cells…

My favorite supplements in the world are from Univera, a central piece of a large global organization, ECONET ®, a 30-year old company which is a leader in the natural products industry.  They apply pharmaceutical standards to botanical product development to bring the best of nature to humankind.

The human body, no matter the age, turns over at least 300 billion cells every day. We have an amazing opportunity to make those cells stronger and healthier than the ones they replace.

Here is an overview of a company that has changed my life, Univera. Univera has over 48 products that are cutting-edge. Please check out the details of Univera’s fabulous science, vision and products on my associate page.  I love Univera’s 90-day-money back guarantee… try it… if it works, it’s priceless… if not… get your money back.


Nourish with movement…

The body is designed to MOVE…

Use it or lose it.

I enjoy cross-training. I love challenging the body in a different way every day, so I cycle 2-3 times per week, run 2-3 times per week, lift heavy weights once per week, and do yoga/functional fitness 4 times per week. Check out my FUNdamental Fitness Classes at Second Story Studio in Belle Meade… the first class is free!

Nourish your spirit.

Breath deeply.

Sit quietly for 10-60 minutes a day… letting the Light cleanse, enlighten, and calm your soul.

Meditation is a shower for the spirit residing within.

As Light beings, having a human experience, and as human beings having a spiritual experience… sitting quietly with your Spirit and listening to that quiet… creates a foundation of strength, connection, and calmness, cleansing the palette for being present, and in our power as often as we can.