FUNdamental Fitness Reviews


Jen’s Playground Exercises for Grownups, takes outdoor fitness training and moves it indoors to make it pure fun! To be a kid again while becoming a fit adult is a classic- “FUNdamental Fitness”!

Dr. Irv Rubenstein, Co-founder of STEPS, Inc., Nashville

“Jen’s book has changed the way I look at exercise. Being a musician that travels, I’ve had a hard time keeping a consistent exercise routine. With the concepts outlined in this book, I can get a great workout anywhere…tour bus, hotel, outside or at home.”

Alana Rocklin, Professional Bass Player

This is a book that every teacher of PE, coaches and parents should read and use to benefit the physical fitness and health of their children and themselves. It is true, the book is so good that someone stole my copy!”

Chuck Neff, ACSM, ASCA, Med, M Health Promotion and Ex. Sc.

It’s the perfect class, perfect location, perfect time and you are the PERFECT teacher!
Lee Ann, Nashville
“I like fundamental fitness because the great music and Jen’s infectiously positive attitude take my mind off what I’m actually doing to (and for) my body.”
Ellen Tanner, Nashville

Always Fun, Always Different, Always Challenging, Time Flies, Great Music, Always Sore (in a good way)!

Clara Malone

Fundamental Fitness and Golf:
“The core work and twisting we do has helped my flexibility immensely.
I am turning away from the ball better and hitting it longer and straighter.
Try it!!”
Toby Wilt

FUNdamental fitness is great because its different every time you go….it is also challenging each and every time!

Carolyn Perrone
John’s Testimony

I met Jennie 5 years ago and it changed my life. I was 50 pounds over weight, on high blood pressure medication and worst of all I was only 35 years old. I had been an athlete my entire life and even played college football. My biggest asset was that I always made sure I was in better shape and had more stamina then anyone I competed against. What happened? Well I am sure it is a familiar story… I started traveling for work, eating unhealthy, and stopped working out, and before I knew it, I was this out of shape, over weight, middle aged man… something I thought could never happen to me.

Then my life changed forever, I joined a gym, and with it came one free session with a trainer…Jennie.  She introduced me to her training philosophy and her book FUNdamental Fitness, and it was amazing. The workout was fun, easy, and I did not even need a gym, perfect when I am on the road. Soon I  lost ten pounds and felt so much better.

After about 6 months of training I hit a plateau and could not seem to lose any more weight. Jennie had been trying to get me to try Univera products this whole time but I resisted. Well after a few more months of explaining the benefits of the product to me, I finally decided to give them a try.Wow, is all I can say, and the effect was immediate I had so much more energy and focus. All aspects of my life improved and I regained the inner self-esteem I had lost. Now 5 years later faithfully following the FUNdamental Fitness principles, the Univera products and the support of Jennie, at 40 I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost over 50 pounds competed in numerous ½ marathons, 2 full Marathons (under 4 hour finishing times), 3 Olympic distance Triathlons, a ½ iron man in less than 5 hours, and an Ironman!!! Best of all I have been off my high blood pressure medication for three years and my doctor is amazed at my transformation.

I am a truly blessed man and have much to be thankful for but three of the things at the top of the list are Univera products, FUNdamental Fitness, and Jennie.


John T. McRae II