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TheJenerators… We play uniquely crafted covers of your favorite songs… from Sinatra, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Maroon 5…

Call Jen Hoeft for booking info… 615-497-3333IMG_7967
The Jenerators are a quirky, fun, groovy, musical, dynamic experience!

Perry Danos is ┬álead singer extraordinaire!!! His Super-Loungey Vibe mixed with the Best Voice in the World, make for a show that can’t be missed!

Dan Serafini is the nutty-professor in the band. Crazy arrangements/charts and brilliantly whacky keyboard/organ…

Tom D’Angelo on upright hard-groovin’, funky-as-s$%t, in-the-dog-house BASS… Bring it!

Jen Hoeft on I-Wanna-Be-Jen-Krupa Drums… :)…

And there is always a special guest star… Minnie Murphy? Wayne Avers? John England? Bryan Cumming? Jeff Jordan? Pat Buchanan? Mark Matejka? Will Barrow? Patton James? You?



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