TheJenerators… We play uniquely crafted covers of your favorite songs… from Sinatra, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Maroon 5…

Call Jen Hoeft for booking info… 615-497-3333
The Jenerators are a quirky, fun, groovy, musical, dynamic experience!

Perry Danos is ┬álead singer extraordinaire!!! His Super-Loungey Vibe mixed with the Best Voice in the World, make for a show that can’t be missed!

Crash Hamilton on electric guitar and vocals will shock you with his prowess, his quirky brilliance and his deep resume.

Bobby King on bass… just keeping’ it funky and groovy and just outside the lines.

Jen Hoeft on I-Wanna-Be-Jen-Krupa Drums… :)…

And there is always a special guest star… Minnie Murphy? Wayne Avers? John England? Bryan Cumming? Jeff Jordan? Pat Buchanan? Mark Matejka? Will Barrow? Patton James? You?